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Paul Montle (Class of 1969) created the Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement to commend outstanding Tufts students who demonstrate entrepreneurial skills. An annual competition, the award helps kick-start future leaders in the business and nonprofit world. 

This award is intended for an undergraduate student who demonstrates entrepreneurial skills. As a token of gratitude, the winner not only accepts the monetary prize, but accepts a future commitment to give back to Tufts University.

Prize: Up to $40,000 (May be awarded to one recipient or divided among 2-3 winners)

Key Dates: 

  • Submission Deadline: Check back in Fall 2020 for next year's competition!

2019 Winners

2018 Winners

2017 Winners

2016 Winners

2015 Winners

SAMPLE APPLICATION: Paul and Elizabeth Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement

Name of idea: __________

Website: __________

Graphic/photo upload: If you have a graphic or photo that helps to illustrate your business, please upload it here.  (up to 10 MB)

Tweet-able description of your idea:______________

With what industry does your venture most closely align? (Select one.)
Social Impact
• Medical Devices & Life Science
• General Technology

Additional industry details (Select all that apply.)
• Energy / Clean Tech: General; Efficiency; Generation; Storage and/or Transmission
• General: Aerospace; Design; Entertainment & Media; Food, Beverages & Restaurants; Manufacturing; Materials; Other - Services; Retail and/or Transportation & Logistics
Healthcare/ Life Sciences: General; Diagnostics; Healthcare; Healthcare Delivery; Marine Technology; Medical Devices; Therapeutics (Pharma); Veterinary; Dental and/or Nutrition
High Tech: General; Enterprise Software; Gaming & Consumer; Hardware & Robotics; Internet & Web and/or Telecommunications & Mobile
Social Impact: General; Education; Environment; Peace & Human Rights and/or Public Health

Why are you (or your team) passionate about your business idea? (50 words)

Please describe the market opportunity or problem you are solving. (50 words)

Describe your solution. (50 words)

Video: Use a video to tell us what’s compelling about your idea and how it is going to make a difference. Please keep the video less than 2 minutes. We are interested in the content of the video, not the production value. Your cell phone is fine for recording purposes. Looking for help? Tisch Digital Design Studio offers services in video design and production and has two members on staff to help with video production. (Note: The video is optional for all entrants.)

How long have you been working on this idea?
0-3 months
• 4-6 months
• 6-12 months
• 1 year +
• I just thought of it 10 seconds ago

What skills/expertise does your team have that uniquely positions you to be successful with this idea? (100 words)

Are you for profit or non-profit?
For profit
• Non-profit
• Undecided

If you're a for-profit company, how do you plan to make money? If you're a non-profit, what's your funding model? (50 words)

What's your revenue to date?
• Early revenue & customers
• Growth

Have you received any funding to date? (select all that apply)
• University funded/grants
• Angel funding
• We just sold to Google for $500M
• Venture capital

How much funding have you received?__________

Approximately how big is the market you're targeting in terms of customers? (100 words)

Who are your competitors? (100 words)

What traction do you already have? (Users, trials, data.) (50 words)

What impact will this have? (100 words)

What is innovative about this approach? (150 words)

What are the key risk factors to the business as you explore this opportunity? (100 words)

What metrics will you use to define success? (150 words)

What IP (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights) or other forms of defensibility do you have for your business? (Consider licenses, contracts, and exclusive relationships.) (150 words)

What technical steps need to be achieved? (150 words)

How does your Tufts education support your entrepreneurial goals? What strategies will you employ to be successful in your simultaneous business and academic endeavors? (100 words)

The donor has specified that a fundamental part of this award is the recipient's acceptance of the moral obligation to return to Tufts University much more than he or she received. How do you intend to fulfill this requirement? (100 words)

Please upload a detailed financial summary of your business. [upload size up to 10MB]

Please share how you will use the funding for which you are applying. (50 words)

How did you hear about the Paul and Elizabeth Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement?
Tufts faculty
• Friend
• Email newsletter
• Tufts Daily ad
• LCD screen
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Other: ________

Is there anything else you would like to tell us in support of the application that might help the judges? (150 words)

Please note: The Selection Committee may request that finalists make a brief presentation.